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Rasana Atreya

Daughters Inherit Silence (EBOOK)

Daughters Inherit Silence (EBOOK)

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  • Journey to the heart of southern India, where tradition frequently clashes with personal desire.

    A girl judged for the darkness of her skin, a man resisting an arranged marriage, a widow finding her voice, a mother torn between wrath and forgiveness. Together, their lives form powerful stories of love, strength, and the search for identity.

    LOVE and TRADITION: Can they walk hand-in-hand?

  • Dusk in Illandu Village, Telangana, India

    The Daughters of Destiny is a small town Women's Fiction collection that explores the power of love, growth and healing in rural South India.

Tell A Thousand Lies ebook (Women's Fiction Set In India)

A girl trapped by the colour of her skin. A politician desperate to regain power. A family ripped apart.

16-year-old Pullamma is aware her dark skin limits her future. She’s resigned to being unwed, unlike her fair-skinned sister. But when
Pullamma is manipulated into an inconceivable situation by a desperate politician, her life takes an unimaginable turn. Tell A Thousand Lies is a lyrical yet gritty exploration of how superstition and skin colour dictate life for women in rural India.

Talking Is Wasted Breath - Ebook (Women's Fiction Set In India)

In a world where family expectations outweigh personal desires, tradition isn't simply a guide—it's an ironclad rule.

Madhav is expected to marry a dowry-rich woman his family picks;
instead, he falls in love. Set in rural India, this family saga explores the
clash between generations, societal pressures, and the resilience of love as one man pursues personal happiness over time-honoured customs. Technically, a Son of Destiny!

Daughters Inherit Silence ebook (Women's Fiction Set In India)

In rural India, your husband may die, but your marriage must live on.

Jaya, a widowed engineer, is bound by tradition to care for her late husband’s family, but when a charismatic Indian-American doctor, Kovid, enters the lives of Jaya and her daughter, their lives unravel. To protect her daughter’s future and reclaim her own identity, she must question the enduring expectations of a widow’s eternal loyalty.

The Temple Is Not My Father ebook (Women's Fiction Set In India)

In a world where justice is a luxury, Godavari, a devadasi in rural India, faces a heart-wrenching choice between revenge and forgiveness.

Godavari, bound by the devadasi tradition, stands at a crossroads between vengeance and forgiveness as outsiders from distant shores disrupt the quiet flow of her and her daughter's lives, challenging their fate.